Are your habits hindering your happiness?
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Go on and book a Dubai Taxi limousine ride via the Uber app
Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has signed an agreement with Uber, a global provider of passenger transport services, to allow the booking of DTC limousines through the Uber app. DTC offers customers deluxe limousines driven by highly skilled chauffeurs. Dr Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation, signed... Read more
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UAE public warned to be on guard against fake enhancement supplements
The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) has issued 11 warnings against the use of fake pharmaceutical products marketed as food supplements and sexual enhancement products for men. The products contain undeclared ingredients and pose a high risk to patients with heart disease, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and those taking... Read more
If you live in Dubai here are 3 ways to stay cool this summer
As the summer peaks all across the land Fitness First has launched three new ways for Dubai residents to stay cool by introducing Float DXB, Aqua Aerobics and Master Swim sessions for individuals and groups alike. Float DXB is a newly launched and exciting fitness concept involving a 30-minute... Read more
Houseplants: A guide to indoor gardening
Houseplants do more than just beautify your indoor space. Research shows that keeping plants inside your home can bring a host of physical and mental health benefits, but how can we do that here in Dubai? Here are a few things to consider before finally purchasing your potted friend.... Read more
Gift someone a bowl of Ramen this Ramadan
In celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, wagamama has launched their “Ramen Act of Kindness” campaign. The exciting initiative allows individuals to show their love and appreciation through a warm, sumptuous bowl of ramen. ramadan is the season of giving and what better way to celebrate than to... Read more
How to keep your makeup on point and your eyebrows on fleek despite the summer heat
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Looking for something fun to do with friends? How about a quiz night?
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