Dubai to host Young Chef Award semi-final on October 16
In a first for the emirate, Dubai will host the Africa and Middle East semi-final for the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Award, one of most coveted awards for young professionals in the culinary industry. On October 16, 10 semi-finalists from the Africa and Middle East region will compete at International... Read more
The wild facts about Broccoli that you probably didn’t know
There is no such thing as wild broccoli While there are various edible plants that can be found in the wild – like onions, asparagus and mushrooms – broccoli, however, isn’t among the lot. As a matter of fact, it is a product of human innovation. This tiny, tree-looking... Read more
Five mistakes that are ruining your pasta

Five mistakes that are ruining your pasta

Food Thursday, September 7, 2017 0

You might think that cooking pasta just can’t go wrong. Whether you’re just hungry or a connoisseur of fine foods, this dish most certainly has something to offer. It’s affordable and easy to master, however there are a few things you might be doing wrong when cooking this family... Read more
The epic history and journey of the much loved samosa
“Never hurt a samosa by saying ‘no’. They too have fillings inside” They’re golden, they’re shaped like a triangle and they’re filled with delicious things – yes, you know what we are talking about; it’s none other than the samosa. This is one food that has travelled far and... Read more
Eat your way to healthy glowing skin
Are you tired of wasting money on expensive and ineffective products that promise to give you perfect skin? Well, it’s time to throw those in the trash and start eating your way to that natural glow! Check out this list to find out which foods would help give your... Read more
Want a free pizza? Get one on August 27 if Floyd Mayweather loses to Connor McGregor in the year’s biggest boxing bout
With the year’s biggest boxing bout just around the corner, authentic Italian Pizzeria 800PIZZA, is putting its chips, sorry, its pizzas firmly behind American boxer Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. The Dubai-based pizza chain is so confident in Mayweather emerging victorious from the much heralded fight that it will give away... Read more
6 delicious shakes that you should whip up this summer
There’s nothing quite like blended ice cold drinks, topped with whipped cream or slices of fruits on a hot summer day. Smoothies and shakes are a great alternative to ice cream since they won’t be melting all over the place! With that said, here are six delicious blended shakes... Read more
Pack your kid’s lunch like a pro with these interesting lunchbox ideas
It will be school season once again pretty soon so if you’re looking for fun ideas to make your little one’s lunchbox more appetising and appealing, we’ve got you covered  You can also bring your children into the kitchen with you and encourage them to help you prepare their... Read more
The peachy facts you never knew about peaches
All you need to know about peaches this National Peach Month It’s National Peach Month this August which means there is no better time to eat, cook and learn more about this delicious fruit! From the fast facts to its nomadic history, we have all the juicy information laid... Read more
How to cook the perfect ribs this summer

How to cook the perfect ribs this summer

Food Wednesday, August 2, 2017 1

Having ribs for dinner can serve to be the perfect meal after a long day. It just doesn’t feel right to not indulge yourself with a finger-licking, tender rack of ribs. They’re simply an essential, especially when the weather outside is this hot, whether they are straight off the... Read more