5 tips to help you achieve that flat summer belly
Swimsuit season is on and having a toned, flat tummy is on most people’s goals list. But vanity aside, the hidden health risks of belly fat are many and varied. So while we all know there’s no magic formula for achieving that 6 pack, let’s at least make sure... Read more
Mall of the Emirates launches free fitness campaign to get you in shape
Mall of the Emirates has launched ‘Activate the Community’, a new and free fitness initiative as part of its commitment to engage Dubai’s residents in a healthy and active lifestyle. As part of the intuitive that involves qualified fitness trainers, Mall of the Emirates MOE Active programme has begun... Read more
Diabetes & oral health: How to keep your teeth healthy
Every year a lot of people are diagnosed with diabetes, which leads to a series of changes, in lifestyle, especially diet; and this can be hard to adjust to. What one doesn’t realise is that diabetes can cause various other ailments related to oral health, such as tooth decay,... Read more
6 easy ways to train your brain to remember more and learn faster
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How to tell if you’re dehydrated
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Your ultimate guide to food storage
When it comes to the ingredients in your kitchen, you should have the proper knowledge on how to best store them and for how long. The temperature and humidity should also be taken into account, as well as ensuring you would be able to use your refrigerator and other... Read more
If health really is wealth how rich do you reckon you are?
Let’s face it, we all feel tired and worn down by the trials and tribulations of life itself. But there are some red flags that many people write off as simply part and parcel of the human experience, when they could be something more serious and a health worry.... Read more
Doing it all with type 1 diabetes: Kader’s story
“On the other side, this darkness is light and full of life.” He is one of those guys that strives for greatness, success, and victory. Despite the struggles of type 1 diabetes and the curves it can throw at someone, Mohamed Kader decided to look at things from a... Read more
Choosing sunglasses: How to pick the right shades
With global warming on the rise, it should come as no surprise to anyone that summers are hotter and winters are becoming less and less chilly or cold. We should all do our best to try and protect ourselves during harsh weather conditions, most especially our eyes. With more... Read more
We know you love your salt, but are you consuming too much of it?
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