Houseplants: A guide to indoor gardening Houseplants: A guide to indoor gardening

Houseplants: A guide to indoor gardening

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Houseplants do more than just beautify your indoor space. Research shows that keeping plants inside your home can bring a host of physical and mental health benefits, but how can we do that here in Dubai? Here are a few things to consider before finally purchasing your potted friend.


If you’re not living in a villa, then finding a good location may be a bit difficult, as you all know all plants need light to photosynthesize and survive. However, not all plants have the same level of light intensity. A balcony works for sun-loving plants while a window (filtered with blind or curtains) is a preferred spot for those that could grow in dimmer conditions.


Temperatures for plants vary between 18 and 23°C. If you’re really keen on keeping your plant alive, then invest in a room thermometer. Avoid placing plants near air condition units, ducted heat or draughty areas; if you notice the leaves falling off and becoming yellow, you’ve got to move your plant.


Lack of humidity can also be a problem, if it gets too dry you will notice the tips of the leaves turning brown, or withered or losing them altogether. Simply mist your plants daily or place a tray of water nearby, it’s also a good idea to move your plants closer together to create a micro-environment, or purchase a humidifier to boost levels at home.


Your soil will dry out due to the heat and sunlight specific to your home, in order to avoid this, feel the soil with your finger. If the plant’s tag says, “Water steadily or evenly,” then water whenever the surface of the soil is dry to the touch. If the tag says, “Water moderately,” allow the top inch or so to dry out between watering. Just make sure that you don’t overwater.

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