Diabetes & oral health: How to keep your teeth healthy
Every year a lot of people are diagnosed with diabetes, which leads to a series of changes, in lifestyle, especially diet; and this can be hard to adjust to. What one doesn’t realise is that diabetes can cause various other ailments related to oral health, such as tooth decay,... Read more
If health really is wealth how rich do you reckon you are?
Let’s face it, we all feel tired and worn down by the trials and tribulations of life itself. But there are some red flags that many people write off as simply part and parcel of the human experience, when they could be something more serious and a health worry.... Read more
Doing it all with type 1 diabetes: Kader’s story
“On the other side, this darkness is light and full of life.” He is one of those guys that strives for greatness, success, and victory. Despite the struggles of type 1 diabetes and the curves it can throw at someone, Mohamed Kader decided to look at things from a... Read more
Choosing sunglasses: How to pick the right shades
With global warming on the rise, it should come as no surprise to anyone that summers are hotter and winters are becoming less and less chilly or cold. We should all do our best to try and protect ourselves during harsh weather conditions, most especially our eyes. With more... Read more
We know you love your salt, but are you consuming too much of it?
The news lately is full of articles about salt and health. Everyone seems to be getting either too much salt or not enough. So which is it? Part of the problem is with how we study the connection. Fortunately, researchers on both sides of the issue are starting to... Read more
6 tips to avoid injury when exercising
There’s no doubt about it, exercise is very important for our health and wellbeing. But it’s equally important to give our bodies everything it needs to avoid injury. Not only can injuries cause excruciating pain if they are serious, but they can also sideline you from any sports activities... Read more
Meal prepping: A guide to healthy eating
Meal prepping should be something you should start to get into the habit of, especially if you spend your lunch at work. Not only will it ensure that you are eating a healthier meal but it will also help you cut back on your spending. Food prepping is basically... Read more
Ask yourself these vital questions if you are taking opioids for pain management
Opioids often are the go-to pain killer for everything from back aches and injuries to post-surgical pain, as evidenced by the more than 300 million prescriptions written each year. While opioids can help with moderate to severe short-term pain, they are not without risk and questions need to be... Read more
Seven ways to exercise at work

Seven ways to exercise at work

Health Sunday, June 18, 2017 0

If working long hours at the office is eating away at your exercise time, don’t despair. Make the most of your time by exercising on the job. Staying seated on a chair in front of a computer desk is worse than you might think, so don’t hesitate to indulge... Read more
Video games: What are their pros and cons?
“Stop wasting your time,” “get up and do something productive,” “I am going to throw your console away!” This highlights a parent’s typical response towards his child who is a video game fanatic. ‘How can it be beneficial to stare at a screen for a long period of time?’... Read more